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Originally Posted by Josh Lawson View Post
Probably not such a bad thing, imo.
I don't know. I'm old enough to remember the pre-MTV glory days of arena rock, and it was pretty amazing that even the mid-level bands that came through town could play to 10,000+ people. So much great music (and a lot of crap, too) got played before so many people--it was really an entire subculture that has largely disappeared, IMHO. Clubs are undoubtedly better places than sports arenas to see bands, but there was a lot of good stuff going on in the heyday of the arena tours and the LP. Music simply does not play that kind of cultural role anymore--it's a disposable product now, just a bunch of background noise for most people.

On the other hand, it's a lot easier to get your own music out there for the handful of people who are interested.

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