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Originally Posted by Jongpil Yun View Post
Propaganda? Look it up. That's a summary of their education and political careers. If you think something as straight forward as that is anti-Palin propaganda, then that says something.

Simple. Obama has the balls to come out and say that he used to smoke weed without hiding behind some "I didn't inhale" or "I didn't like it" bull.....
yes, propaganda. i will repeat: what you provided is *A* set of facts, but not *ALL* facts relevant to the matter. i got an email at work that also was all straight forward facts, but the picture it painted made palin look better.
so either what you stated *IS* propaganda spin by statement of selective facts, or else the universe is about to implode because 2 separate chain emails exist that both state facts that lead to contradictory conclusions!

as for not liking marijuana, i've tried it on multiple occasions and i don't like it either. not everyone likes getting stoned. so she might be just being honest.
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