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Originally Posted by s7eve View Post
Welcome Those 7's you listed are all very different from each other and I wonder if you are really sure about what you are looking for. The Loomis is a very bright guitar with active pickups and a choice of trem or hard tail, the jackson is fixed bridge warm mahogany but a single EMG bridge pup and the 7321 is about the most basic basswood guitar that Ibanez make.

My recommendation is to work out what you want/need from your guitar for the style of music and sound you are going for, buy the closest thing in your price range and then only mod it if you need to.
I understand they are very different from each other, but I narrowed it down to those 3 for various reasons.
Me not having much money, not much brand choices, so stuff like Agile and other assorted brands, are not readily available.
ESP, I like, but again, ESP/LTD 7s are very uncommon where I reside, so I narrowed it down to Schecter (where I live you can get almost every model in store), the Jackson COW which is readily available, and Ibanez Rg 7321s are easy to come by, the Rg 1527 not so much, and the Apex-1 model being too expensive and not having the sort of pickups I want, even if they are good quality Dimarzio.
I'm no stranger to bright guitars, having played a friend's Jackson DK2S with a JB bridge, which happens to have one of my favorite lead tones from a pickup, so I wouldn't be phased by the brightness of the Loomis.

I'm leaning more towards either the COW and RG 7321, because my hands are on the smallish-medium size, and given I already have the guitar strapped up Rusty Cooley height to do big stretches, I wonder if the Loomis with the 26.5 inch scale would cause me a bit of trouble in the stretching department.
I've heard it has the thinnest neck in the Schecter 7 range, but still very chunky
I'm more inclined for a fixed bridge right now.
I've heard the new COWs have slightly thinner necks now, and I really liked the neck profile of the DK2S, so I guess the new COWs would have a good neck profile for my smallish hands.
I've played the older COWs, and liked them a lot.
The Wizard II 7, fits my hand like a glove, so neck comfort wise it might be the best option.

Any other advice for a n00bie like me would be much appreciated too
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