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Originally Posted by JJ Rodriguez View Post
Well, I don't think race has anything to do with it. Seriously though, I'd say mention it to her, and ask your parents, it can't hurt. Plus if you can get some sweet East European poon while you're at it, all the better
Hehe, nah race and nationality isn't a factor was just illustrating that we look after a lot of foriegn students when they come to the country to do various courses and what not, some for a few weeks, some for years

So having another stranger in the house wouldn't be anything weird to me or the rest of the family

I'll bring it up with her today that there might be a room available at mine if it the situation arises

Originally Posted by Mattmc74 View Post
I say give her a hand. I would never want to be homeless.
Haha, well right now it's pissing it down outside, good ol' british summertime So, neither would I. Plus, I wouldn't want to see somene homeless if I knew I could've prevented it.

More words here is more words.
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