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Originally Posted by eaeolian
I dunno, I thought he was still pretty good on "Perfect Strangers", especially on stuff like "A Gypsy's Kiss", and his playing is the ONLY thing that's any good about "House of the Blue Light".
True, but it seemed that with the reunion he started recycling ideas big time. It all seemed like I'd heard it before. Ritchie seems to need inspiring collaborators to bring out his best, and I don't think he ever reconnected creatively with Gillan and Lord the way he had with Dio and Turner in Rainbow.

Originally Posted by eaeolian
"Rising", "Long Live Rock & Roll", and even a lot "Difficult to Cure" have him just being completely lights-out awesome. Obviously, all the early Purple stuff is just textbook, too.
Oh yeah, totally agree. Ritchie was my next level of inspiration after Iommi, and the guy that first got me woodshedding.

Originally Posted by eaeolian
Ken, you're right - Ritchie's hardly the nicest guy in the Biz, although he was very gracious to me the one time I met him, despite my tounge-tied silliness.
I've heard good and bad about him, but he seems to reserve most of his dislike for the media...and Ian Gillan, of course.

Originally Posted by Drew
Maybe I've just never heard the right Deep Purple (I've got the obligatory copy of "Mahine Head"), but I wasn't overly blown away by what I heard.
DP w/Ritchie was NEVER adequately captured on a studio album, in my opinion. You've got to pick up the live albums to figure out what the fuss was about. One of the two or three greatest live rock bands ever. Made In Japan is the one you have to have. It has all of the essential Machine Head songs on it, but you won't believe how much more kickass they are when done live. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the later Mk. III version of the band with David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes. The old live LP album from that lineup was Made In Europe, but that has been expanded into a two-cd album called "Mk. III--The Final Concerts" that is also an extremely worthwhile purchase. If you try those two albums and still don't like DP, well then that's a different story...

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