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Originally Posted by ogisha007 View Post
I agree with you on the religious thing. If you can't like or understand something, at least respect it and keep away from it, don't hate it and sanction it.
I respect religious people although I don't share my views with them, why can't it be vice versa? No, but metal serves the devil, we are evil, and so on...

Because essentially although some modern apologists will turn older views into more abstract ideas, or attempt to merge them. A scientific or logical standpoint does not support beliefs of any kind. Basically the typical religious person not only believes in whatever it is, but they also believe that this is the most logical standpoint and also that because science can not disprove the bigger obscure and observationally illusive claims and metaphysical experiences. That science can't know other things, because we don't know everything.

It's an absolute misunderstanding of the typical atheist viewpoint and philosophy of science , which is essentially I don't have to believe in anything. If something becomes scientifically proven then I'll accept it as a fact.

The philosophy of science is there are no absolutes, every law we have is basically the best tested and most probably prediction. Which is as good as you can ever get.

Like I have this coin in my hand every time I throw it up I know it's probably going to fall, but in order to know it and have it an absolute , science would demand me to flip it for all eternity until the end of the universe.

The whole clash and name calling comes from misunderstandings, I often get called arrogant by religious fundamentalists because I argue only the logic used. When my view point essentially is that we can't know everything and maybe god does exist but right now there is no scientific evidence to suggest the idea , and the same thing with all paranormal views.

That doesn't disprove or make anything wrong, but the ability to not prove it scientifically,certainly doesn't make it more real either.

"The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition"-Carl Sagan
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