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Originally Posted by Emperoff View Post
Sorry but I don't think those measurements are correct. Schecter necks are much wider than ibanez ones, don't think they measure the same. The string spacing is wider as well (obviously).

Have you ever thought about an Agile? They have great specs, great price and the neck is in-between in thickness (but it's profile is rounder than both). Maybe that would suit your needs better.
I have to say, I was a little skeptical when I saw the measurements as well. I think I just wanted to believe that they were right

I have looked at Agile, yeah. I'm waiting for some Septors to come back in stock though, because I don't want a trem. Plus, the current Septor they do have is really entry level and I want something a bit better. Apart from the customs charges, I can't really see any faults from ordering from them.

Gargh, decisions, decisions.

EDIT: Thanks Dave and Wildchild for the pics *+rep*

Double EDIT: Damn, that ATX neck joint is huge!
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