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Originally Posted by Thin_Ice_77 View Post
A guy on Youtube measured the neck and this is what he says the Dimensions are-

Fretboard width:

Neck depth:
12th fret-23mm

Compared with a Wizard II-7

Width at Nut- 48mm
Width at Last Fret- 65mm (at 21 F)
Thickness at 1st- 19mm
Thickness at 12th- 21mm

So the neck width is pretty much the same, but the Loomis is undoubtedly thicker... a couple more millimetres is practically nothing though right? And I reckon I can cope with it being rounder. As for upper fret access, I'm debating whether it really matters that much.
Sorry but I don't think those measurements are correct. Schecter necks are much wider than ibanez ones, don't think they measure the same. The string spacing is wider as well (obviously).

Have you ever thought about an Agile? They have great specs, great price and the neck is in-between in thickness (but it's profile is rounder than both). Maybe that would suit your needs better.
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