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Originally Posted by Randy View Post
Hmm... I saw Finger 11 a couple times and they were pretty ok.

I don't doubt you're right, though.
Their sound guy sucked. Couldn't hear the vocals throughout about 60 percent of the songs. They basically came on stage, played their instruments, and left. Didn't do much crowd interaction except for when they extended One Thing and the singer was like "You thought the song was over, didn't you." He also asked who had their first album and only like 20 hands (at a several thousand person venue) went up and he was like "Oy.. I shouldn't have asked."

Seether got on stage and was like "They're Canadian, but I think we can forgive them. Let's hear it for finger 11." Maybe it's just because I'm a huge fan of Seether, but it seems like they kicked it up several notches. Doesn't help that the last band I saw before Finger 11 was REO Speedwagon who rocked my face off. I'm still walking around looking like Skelator.
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