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Originally Posted by Papa Shank View Post
I had a 9 and a 10, the 9's pickup routing was too far to one side and technically the guitar was never finished (he had some issue getting the pickup and I was impatient so I asked him to send the guitar out without a pickup). I was very pleased with the overall build however and went on to get the 10 but it wasn't really what I wanted in an instrument.

Donnies was always sexy as hell, had mine been properly finished I doubt I'd have then sold it. I have to say in Jesse's defense (if it sounds like I'm downing the guy) that for the money these things are amazing and as he doesn't make them all the time they are quite unique.
yep, nothing short of rare and amazing guitars really. but people love to nitpick every little thing and forget that guitars are made to be played. i for one am waiting on jesse to have some free time to make me another one!
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