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Quite worrying this is. Got rid of the one you said to trash, restarted, and it was still there when I scanned again. Even more puzzling, is both are present when I scan in safe mode. My this is a pickle.

Update: ARGH this is incredibly weird. Updated my virus program, did a full scan, all it found was quarantined items from the previous installation. Still not fixed. It's just weird how some programs work (currently, Im using firefox for internet browsing , where maxthon doesn't work, WMP freezes everytime I try to load a file, and sometimes when opening, so I'm using Winamp now ) and some just don't (WMP, itunes, maxthon, Gmail notifier, The virus program's internet update doesn't work either, it only works in safe mode). The start menu and taskbar freeze whenever I mouse over the con.....Ok, the Gmail thing just worked for a second, and has now frozen again, anyway, the control panel, or my network places. Just locks up. It doesn't shut down properly either, everything disappears and it hangs on the background. I really am at my wits end here, no idea what could be wrong if it's not spyware/viruses.
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