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Another Computer help thread

Urgh, this seems to be a bit of a recurring problem on my computer. It'd gone away for a while, but has surfaced again this morning. Seems when I log on to XP, everything looks normal, but certain things aren't right. SOme tray icons lock up, like the Gmail notifier, which is always the first sign of the problem occuring. I can open explorer, but some programs don't work, specifically Maxthon, so I can't even get on the internet. Also, certain actions can freeze the taskbar/start menu, this morning it was going to the control panel. I'm in safe mode at the moment, which is letting me open Maxthon and get online.

I've also done spyware checks, which only revealed some tracking cookies and such. I have Antivir as recommended in the sticky about spyware, but the updating server seems to be down or something.

I know lots of guys here are very good with computers so I thought this was a good place to ask.
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