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Bah, I don't have it. I'll measure some when I get a chance and post. I do have factory setup specs so you can see whether shipping and climate has affected your setup

* pickup height
I adjust the height of Pickups with ascertaining sound with Amp.
[Translation: He sets the pickup height depending on how he feels the particular guitar is sounding]

*string height
This numerical value is a distance to the string from the top of Fret with 12Fret.
[Translation: 12th fret string height]
Measure it under the condition that a guitar is played.

Apple Horn SE/ Horus/Dellinger SE/Dellinger II SE
1st Strings...1.2mm, 6th Strings...1.4mm

Angelus-ACE SE/ Angelus22
1st Strings...1.3mm, 6th Strings...1.5mm

Apple Horn-HGS/ Horus-HGS
1st Strings...1.3mm, 6th Strings...1.5mm

Angelus-HGS/ Angelus-HGS GM/ Delliger-HGS SE/ Dellinger FX-HGS
1st Strings...1.5mm, 6th Strings...1.6mm

Dellinger 7
1st Strings...1.2mm, 7th Strings...1.6mm
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