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  1. Edmond
    Edmond blacai

    I have a vintage Framus LP, an S360, i think it's from 78, but i need to double check. It's in wonderful condition, all original on it. Overall a great sounding piece. The wood is amazing on this guitar and nothing can replace the aging in the sound. The pickups are metalic P90 and they just sound amazing. Love them. Let me know if your interested and i send you pics. I could not attach them here.
  2. KnightBrolaire
  3. Podium
  4. dhira01
    Renew Iffco tokio motor insurance
  5. dhira01
    Iffco tokio motor insurance
  6. M3CHK1LLA
    M3CHK1LLA AhsanU
    hi, looking at a couple other guitars and trying to decide. would take $1700 for the skervesen?

    1. AhsanU
      Sorry, far too below the asking price.
      Jun 19, 2017
  7. Crescendo
  8. GnarlesBronson
    email me at jzuretti7 [@] gmail
  9. Alberto7
    Alberto7 NotDonVito
    Things are alright! I'm off university till the end of the month so I have lots more free time for my own projects.
    Karate's a top priority for me, so that won't stop in the foreseeable future! You should try it some time. I'd recommend looking for a dojo affiliated with JKA. (Japan Karate Association)
    Haven't seen SnK s2 yet! Once it's done airing I'll binge it!
  10. NotDonVito
    NotDonVito Kaura
    Hello Not-Fat Elf and his friend black friend JAMAL. Btw I will be back on Steam soon to Jeccupost and get mad at eewhomersimpson.mp4

    I just get on Overwatch these days for the dream of being in Matt Heafy's twitch stream.
  11. NotDonVito
    NotDonVito Alberto7
    Alberto! I just need more overly detailed COB song analysis ideas lol.
    Anyways what have you been up to? Still doing martial arts and stuff? I've watching some jiu jitsu lately thanks to some metal guys, and was able to nerd out when I saw it in Shingeki no Kyojin.
  12. Rosal76
    Rosal76 ArtDecade
    No problem. Be wary. Anytime there's a thread/post about B.C. Rich, major, minor, trivial, he's always there to say something stupid.
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  13. Rosal76
    Rosal76 ArtDecade
    Hi, ArtDecade. Just wanted to tell ya that one forum member, electriceye, he's a B.C. Rich snob. I've known him from the "unofficial B.C. Rich forum". He always acts like he knows everything and that everyone should know everything about B.C. Rich. I'd ignore him.
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  14. CookiesForThePoor
    Guitar Player for Aether Realm, Session Musician, Guitar Tech, Foley Artist, Audio Engineer.
  15. jshdferry
  16. NickS
    NickS Lemonheadfr
    That's what I figured. My in-laws randomly bought me a Gibson guitar maintenance kit for Christmas and it had lemon oil in it, and I put it on all my guitars.
  17. Alex Chichikailo
    Alex Chichikailo
  18. ionian7
    ionian7 vilk
    I like this reply, I implemented it into my routine yesterday. thanks
    1. vilk
      Good luck! The hardest part for me is actually where it does that rhythm similar to Bleed by Meshuggah
      Jun 9, 2017
  19. AmidstTCPL
  20. Mrbungledisco
    Mrbungledisco tender_insanity
    Hey, what happened to your Maiden recordings with the GK 2000CPL?
    1. tender_insanity
      Hi! I deleted my channel on youtube. I do have my older one which will get some better videos when I've time :)
      Jun 9, 2017