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  1. Ancestor
    Ancestor AdamMaz
    I enjoy hearing the English language used skillfully. There is a dope that said I was "spewing bullshit." Well to him I'm sure it was. He's probably a high school dropout or less.

    But it's one of my indulgences and I don't care if it seems elitist to some people. I love the English language. I love to hear it used gracefully. Wordsmithing forever! ;)
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  2. TheWoodsman14
    TheWoodsman14 JustinG60
    Hey just wondering if you still have the green prs. Thanks!
  3. NateFalcon
    NateFalcon Rosal76
    The leatherface with the Excalibur is really cool!!...I’ll probably order one when I get a chance
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  4. Rosal76
    Rosal76 NateFalcon
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  5. Rosal76
    Rosal76 NateFalcon
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  6. Rosal76
    Rosal76 NateFalcon
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  7. Ancestor
    Ancestor Spaced Out Ace
    Hey man, I don't have a fb. I hate it haha. We could do email or talk through your account here. Probably sort it out with a couple emails. Whatever works just please Almighty God no fb hahahaha!
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  8. Ancestor
    Ancestor AdamMaz
    Fucking A, bro. Well said. You're one of the first lucid people I've run into here. In fact that was downright prose man. I agree completely.
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    2. AdamMaz
      I'm glad you appreciate the perspective and rhetoric I had to offer!
      May 20, 2018 at 10:25 AM
  9. Belleraphon
  10. Belleraphon
  11. thomas lund
    thomas lund
    looking for helix patches pls send help!
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  12. Bryancap7
    fighting the war against GAS...
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    2. Ancestor
      Man that's a tough one!
      May 13, 2018
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  13. Ancestor
    Ancestor Kyle-Vick
    Kyle-Vick. Awesome! No art for a metal band is bad. They go together.

    This link should take you to us and some examples of our lyrics and stuff.

    The next want we want to visualize is the the Return to Dust album. :D And plenty more to do after that. We art starved and it's more than just the one band.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  14. CookiesPLZ
    I have an extra string though...
  15. Rosal76
    Rosal76 NateFalcon
    Ken Foree is like, zombies were trying to eat me in "Dawn of the dead (1978)", I was eaten alive by insects in "From Beyond (1986)" and now this guy (Viggo) wants to eat my damn liver. LOL!!!
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  16. NateFalcon
    NateFalcon Rosal76
    Ken Foree actually broke Viggo’s ribs in the scene where they’re fighting next to the truck. One of Viggo’s not-so-shining roles lol. “We’re hungry!”, “For what?”, “For liver...and onions...and PAIN PAIN!!”
  17. Rosal76
    Rosal76 NateFalcon
    My favorite line was when Benny asked Alfredo, "How many?" And Alfredo said, "How many what, OJ?" LOL!!! I still cannot believe after all these years that Viggo Mortensen was in that movie.
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  18. NateFalcon
    NateFalcon Rosal76
    “Yeah...militant lumberjacks, I see ‘em all the time”
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  19. NateFalcon
    NateFalcon Rosal76
    Some of my favorite movie quotes too...”Is it soup yet?”, “you ready to roll, young Yomen?”, “This makes a loud bang...and an awfully big hole”...”please sir, I’m afraid of guns” lol
  20. NateFalcon
    NateFalcon Rosal76
    Cheers back!...3 is my favorite, I used to live close to Valencia and have driven to the “last chance” gas station in that movie several times years ago to check it out -it’s creepy/cool driving that highway at night. I also do a lot of logging/milling so I love chainsaws- especially vintage, I got a Stihl 034 super that is the same model as the Excalibur saw...