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  1. Redwind
    Corn Rules Everything Around Me (C.R.E.A.M.!) Get the kernels, corn on the cob, y'aaaaall.
  2. KnightBrolaire
    so drunk I can hear colors
  3. Enter Paradox
    Enter Paradox
    Furiously looking for a Regius Element
  4. KnightBrolaire
    blue chip makes the best jazz III on the market.
  5. PariahMusic
    Lefty ERG Enthusiast
  6. NateFalcon
    Is it soup yet?
  7. Jesse korkola
    Jesse korkola
    selling or trading gibson les paul standard tobacco burst! in LA
  8. KnightBrolaire
    wish my draftsmanship was as good as dylan's over at daemoness.
  9. KnightBrolaire
    doing a decent paint job on a guitar is haaarrrrd
  10. Mullet
    Suffering with a massive bout of GAS!
  11. Gmork
    Death metal is cool
  12. drpepper
    drpepper ivashjke
    -Guitar shipped plain in case with no protection or packaging
    -Condition worse than described ("7/10" was more like 5/10- bad cracks that weren't advertised)
    -Badly squeeling electronics
    -described as "brand new frets" - dead frets all over the neck, literally unplayable.

    Sorry but bad experience with this seller. he told all these problems must have happened during shipping because it was fine when he shipped it.
    1. drpepper
      (wouldn't fit due to character limit)
      - multiple fine tuners on bridge broken\not working and needed to be replaced also
      Apr 2, 2018
  13. Mullet
    Mullet NickVicious24
    Hi Bud - I pulled the trigger on the Holcomb Satin! :)

    What size Fret Wrap are you using on it? I run a large on my 7 string..... the Gruv Gear site recommends a small for a 6 string..... are you using a small?

    Thanks mate!

    1. NickVicious24

      Good choice ;) I'm running large on all my six strings, works perfect!
      Apr 2, 2018
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    2. Mullet
      Just ordered some 11-56 NYXLs too.... next up is that nut!
      Apr 2, 2018
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  14. KnightBrolaire
    elysian hellfires are appropriately savage
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  15. cwhitey2
  16. Xodiaq
    I do not see a seven string as a standard tuned guitar with a low B, I see it as a baritone guitar with a high E~
  17. klosekong
    Rowin ,professional guitar effect pedals manufacturer with 10 years' experience, and cooperated with many famous overseas brand companies.
  18. Vyn
    Vyn beavis2306
    Another Aussie, winning! :)
  19. LeifGGPersson
    Reach the Order (Swedish Hardrock/Metal)
  20. LeifGGPersson
    Reach the Order