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  1. ApixaMonkey
    new profit! how do you guys like it?
  2. Animal Guitars
    Animal Guitars
    Animal Guitars Official Account
  3. But Doesn’t it Djent?
    But Doesn’t it Djent? bulb
    Misha is the Bulb model in Amber Tiger Eye still available. If so, I’ll get one!!!!
  4. saitoki
    saitoki eggy in a bready
    Hey there. Is your quake bass still for sale?
    1. saitoki
      Any pictures?
      Apr 20, 2019 at 11:46 AM
    2. eggy in a bready
      eggy in a bready
      Hey dude, it sold already. Sorry! :[
      Apr 20, 2019 at 2:26 PM
  5. The Lantern
    The Lantern
    Burning in my fingertips
  6. jack_cat
    jack_cat PBC
    Hey PBC: I have lost touch with a guy named AC whose email and snail mail have changed... Dat you? jack
  7. Akash Paul Tirkey
  8. Akash Paul Tirkey
    Akash Paul Tirkey
    Anyone who makes custom seven string guitars at an affordable price?
  9. KnightBrolaire
    JuSt BuY a 5150 hurrr durr
  10. steinmetzify
    steinmetzify BlackSG91
    Dude. The pic of the SG in the blizzard made my mouth drop open. Well done.
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  11. Redz99
    You will hear the winds of war.
  12. Joshua Woodard
    Joshua Woodard
    Sup everyone!!
  13. Christopher Har V
  14. NickS
    We ended up with a 1/3 of an acre so it was a good move, but I definitely miss Greenlake.
  15. NickS
    Yeah, that's right about where we used to live. We bought a house, BUT that means we had to move south. We're down by Boeing Field now.
  16. AngstRiddenDreams
    AngstRiddenDreams NickS
    Hey man, I just realized you were from Seattle and we had talked to each other before. I'm in Greenlake now at 65th and Latona!
  17. KnightBrolaire
    qUiT BeInG So OpInIoNatEd
  18. Empryrean
    Empryrean Bearitone
    hey just wanted to say thanks, I kinda messed with bias fx and got the sound I wanted out of the delay+reverb stuff. I never really played with fx so I probably would have bought the pedal thinking it was making new noises I didn't know how to produce. Haha, anyway cheers! $300 I get to spend on other things
  19. PunkBillCarson
    Ghost is better than all the bulldjit being released today. Suck it.
  20. Solodini
    Solodini Thaeon
    Brutal sounds like the right word, for sure. I'm glad you've started to meet some good people. How is the city generally? Does it have things which support your interests?
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    3. Thaeon
      Its difficult to get a jam band or jazz person on board with heavy music. Especially when crazy extended chord harmony is just going to make the music sound confusing. I'm probably going to put together a jazzy thing too. Just to push myself and to do something that will offer regular money. Maybe a Jazz/rock fusion thing.
      Mar 29, 2019
    4. Thaeon
      The Oni is an 8 string Essi with the e-scale. Dan's picking the neck wood. Body wood is Australian Blackwood. Fretboard I think is Ovankol. He mentioned a synthetic fretboard, like richlite, which I'd be fine with. But I don't think they make blanks big enough.
      Mar 29, 2019
    5. Thaeon
      I'm doing a painted top. I don't generally like guitars that look like coffee tables.
      Mar 29, 2019
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